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Seamless Gutters

Quality products and installation are paramount when considering rain gutter options for your home. After rain gutters are installed, now you might need repairs, screen installations, or gutter cleaning. Colony Construction & Home Improvements, Inc. provide all these services and offer the best products for your seamless gutter needs. Gutter Repair services include gutter attachment, seam sealing, replacing damaged sections of gutters and correcting slop of existing seamless gutters.

Gutter Screen installation helps to keep 90% of all leaf debris out of your seamless gutters, which ultimately helps preserve the lifespan of gutters and the efficiency of maintaining proper water-flow and reducing the potential for water damage.

Gutter Cleaning is done by hand to ensure all down spouts are clear. We water hose clean seamless guttering systems once a year between May and September. There is no reason to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have your gutters cleaned by using new and expensive gimmicks on the market today.

Seamless rain gutters are nationally recognized as the most popular form of gutters installed. They are also called Continuous Rain Gutters. There are no seams and thus, there are no leaks. The only seams in the gutters are at inside and outside corners. Seamless gutters are usually made from aluminum, but they can be made from copper. They are made by a machine that is brought to your home by the gutter contractor. Each individual gutter is customized to fit your home.

Aluminum Wrapping

Installing Aluminum Wood Wrapping on your home can potentially reduce long-term expenses because the wrap will weatherproof your house. This means it will protect the wood underneath and help save on utilities. Any rotted, damaged, or unsightly wood will be replaced prior to wrapping to eliminate any fear of future leaking or mold issues. After you wrap your house, there won't be any need to paint or stain each year. Go from shabby to sheik in no time!

Wooden fascia boards are commonly used to trim around the eaves of homes, running 1x8 or 1x6 pieces all the way around the house. Over time, fascia boards can develop wear and tear from exposure to the elements, particularly if there is some moisture running behind your gutters or down along the wall from the roof. Wrapping your fascia can help reduce ongoing and long-term maintenance costs related to your home. Our standard fascia wrap is fabricated with ribbing for added strength virtually eliminating “oil-canning” when properly installed.

The best time to install Soffit under your eaves is when we are wrapping your fascia. Often this can be done at the same time and reduce your costs versus having them done separately. You can have vented or solid soffit installed depending on your preference and needs.

Vinyl Siding

Applying Vinyl Siding is one of the most cost-effective projects you can do on your home and property. Vinyl siding will make your home's exterior beautiful, durable and carefree for as long as possible. You might be surprised what Colony Construction & Home Improvements, Inc. can accomplish using vinyl siding. There are many benefits to choosing vinyl siding for your home's exterior cladding.

Vinyl siding is also a “Green” alternative. The United States recognizes vinyl siding for its environmental benefits. Through the process of manufacturing, transportation, installation, service life and waste management, vinyl siding scores well on tough environmental measures. Vinyl siding helps reduce energy consumption and reduce utility costs.

There are many types to choose from, as well. We discussed the green performance, there's insulated, we also have multi-family, mixed use and commercial construction vinyl siding to meet all types of cladding needs. We have a variety of sizes and thickness to match your home and commercial needs. Our vinyl siding and soffit comes in many colors, as well. It offers a nice and new clean look wherever it is applied.


Our fences are fabricated to custom fit your home. Manufactured from high quality materials whether metal, wood, vinyl, or PVC, they are made to provide long term resistance, privacy and security for you and your loved ones. Our wood fences, including privacy, semi-privacy and pickets are custom built with no prefab panels.

Vinyl fencing offers the look of freshly painted wood without the maintenance. Vinyl fencing is rated for a Category 1 hurricane or, for up to 74 mph winds. It comes with UV inhibitors guarantee and is weather-resistant, so it won't fade or crack. It is sag free and does not need aluminum reinforcement. If you're looking for a clean and classic look such as veranda, ranch, or picket, give us a call. Colony Construction & Home Improvements, Inc. has many more other styles available, and all come in white and some in tan color. Choose from two, three and four Rail Agricultural.

Aluminum and iron are the oldest and most widely chosen fencing in North America. They offer a certain feel of comfort and security, while if installed properly, provides an attractiveness and protection of traditional fencing without a lot of maintenance. They are available in a variety of styles, heights and colors and come galvanized.
Colony Construction & Home Improvements, Inc. installs commercial and residential chain-link, security fences and electric gate operators. Chain-link comes in the standard galvanized, vinyl coated (in a variety of colors for a more decorative finish to chain-link), and may have vinyl slats added for privacy. Order today and get your fence up tomorrow!

To find out about all of our siding, fencing, and seamless gutter services, call us at (757) 873-3430. You can also reach us through our Request a Quote form. We offer services statewide in Virginia and all surrounding areas!