Certified Roofing (GAF) Services in Newport News, VA

We are your one-stop shop for all your construction needs. It is true! If you are looking to add a room, a gazebo or a sunroom, a remodeled kitchen and bathroom or garage, new windows and doors, new fencing – you name it, we got it and we do it! Forgot to mention that we provide roofing services, as well. We got you covered from bottom to top.

The question is: Do you replace or repair your existing roof? Reroofing is a large and complex job. So, you want to make the best cost effective decision when it comes to deciding whether to repair of reroof. Do we patch leaks and damaged areas? Do we do a partial reroof? Here is some information to help guide you in your decision making process.
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Roofing Repair

Replacing shingles is called for when you might have incurred wind damage or a fallen tree limb. We can replace the torn or damaged shingles with new ones and get things back in order. This can be done only if there are spare shingles left from the original job, or order shingles that are close as possible to the existing roof shingles that are current to date. Why? Most shingles from ten to fifteen years ago are probably obsolete.

Partial Reroof

Considering a partial reroof? Have you recently discovered that part of your roof is in need of repair? Experiencing leaks, water damage, or due to a natural occurrence? A partial reroof may be your best solution. Replacing a section of the roofing will also make it easier to blend new and old shingles, and make the color differences less noticeable. While we would think that reroof would be the least expensive, more so, not the case as the cost per square area is higher than replacing your entire roof.

New Roofing

A new roof may be the most cost effective choice in the long run. This means get the job done when the whole crew is out there and set up working on your house the first time. When to reroof depends on many different variables, including the shingles' wear and age, the climate you live in, and your homes potential for any future damages.
So, now that you may have considered doing a reroof, the lingering question is do we tear off the existing roof or roof over? If you have two layers of shingles, you are required to tear off the existing roof. According to the International Residential Code, (R907.3) says you cannot put a new roof over two or more applications of any type of roof covering. It's a health and safety issue and we want to be as healthy and safe as possible at all times. But, if you have only one layer of shingles, then save some money if there are no other determinants that would challenge having a new layer put over the existing one on your house.

The best approach is consult with professionals who are well-versed in helping you get the most out of your residential and commercial construction investments. A new roof is a hefty expense but should last you for decades. Get the job done right and you will have less to worry about during any storm and end up with more cash on hand.

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